Yoga Binder Essay-Favorite Sanskrit Terms

Katie Willden


Yoga Binder Essay:  Sanskrit terms

Dharma:  means many things often used in the sense of law, discipline, obligation.

This is my favorite term because it’s my daughter’s name!  I named her it because of the beauty and diversity of the word.  For me, it’s the way.

Ahimsa:  Nonharming, The single most important moral discipline, one of the yamas.  This is one of my favorite terms because I like the meaning behind it.  This world would be a better place if everyone believed in this important moral discipline.

Prasada:  Grace or clarity; divine grace, mental clarity.

This is also one of my favorite terms because this is what I strive for.

Duhkah:  Suffering, a fundamental fact of life.

I like this term because it is something I am trying to accept in my own life.  Try to avoid the Duhkah, but accept that it will be a part of life and it won’t be so hard.

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