Yoga Binder Essay-Instructional Terms

Katie Willden


Yoga Binder Essay:  Instructional terms

Enunciate:  To say or pronounce clearly

Apex Pose:  Peak Pose, the build up before the cool down.

Drishti:  Visual focus point

Contraindication:  Reasons not to do the pose

Counter-Pose:  Using both sides of the body, for example:  going into child’s pose after a backbend.

Extension:  Straightened joint, to bring away from midline.

Flexion:  to flex the joint, to bring towards the midline.

Kinesiology:  the study of movement

Mirroring:  showing the opposite of the movement.

Subtle body energy:  any energetic quality within the body, Chakras

Voice Projection:  how loud you speak to the class, the volume of your voice.

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