Journal Entry #5-Hope In Uncertainty

There is Hope in Uncertainty

            There is hope in uncertainty.  I heard that line in a movie last night and it provoked some thoughts.  Is it true?  Is there hope in uncertainty?  Or is it a disguise for just not making plans or for allowing uncertainty?

What is being uncertain?  Not knowing the next action to take or is it just not knowing?  With the thought of there being hope in uncertainty, we allow ourselves to recreate the feelings surrounded by uncertainty.  Generally when I feel uncertain, I equate that with discomfort.  There is great power in uncertainty as well.  Imagine the power we can take back in our lives if we change the fear in uncertainty to hope.

When I am uncertain of my future, I fret and I dwell.  I stress and I constantly think.  I make myself crazy with thoughts going round and round in circles with no real destination or end result.  I lose sleep.  I literally lose hair. This is the epitome of discomfort from uncertainty.

If I take the power back from the situation and look at all the hope that I can have from this uncertainty, it reminds me that I am in power of my future.  It puts the power back into my hands and removes the unknown.  Looking at all the hope that can be found in the unknown, I realize the infinite possibility that is life.

Life is truly limitless.  We all have the power to make the change we want to in our lives, yet uncertainty can hold so many of us back from moving forward.  The fear of the unknown literally paralyzes people from moving forward.  The fear of the unknown holds us back from our dreams.  Looking for the hope in the unknown can help catapult us forward again.

I didn’t realize that I was allowing the unknown to hold me back, but I had been.  I had wanted to go back to school for years and I knew I wanted to do something that was truly mine that I can share with others.  I decided to go back to school for passion rather than for the promise of a career and more money.   I realize now that I was finding the hope in the uncertainty of going back to school.  Once I decided to do something that was purely for me, I have been able to see more and more to hope for within the uncertainty.  I’m meeting different people that have connections in the world I want to live in.

For me, I didn’t have to have the conscious thought of finding hope in the uncertainty.  But, if we can find a way to help people to see the hope in uncertainty, we can take back the power from fear and put the power back into our individual hands so we can really make the progress we need to change.

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