Journal Entry #12-Tattoos

Katie Willden


Journal Entry #12





            Tattoos have become very commonplace in our society.  It is becoming more uncommon to not have tattoos.  I love tattoos.  For me, tattoos are a piece of a story; a piece of art.  Something I will take care of and love and mean more than just a picture inked on my body. 

            Each of my tattoos has a story.  No matter how small the tattoo (coffee beans on my wrist), it has a story and a meaning.  The coffee beans tattoo is one that I actually share with my ex-husband.  He and I used to go to coffee with his brother and his brother’s wife weekly and it was a great time for us to reconnect as friends and as couples.  When his brother and his family moved away to Washington, we knew we needed to commemorate our relationship.  The best scenario was definitely a tattoo.  Nothing fit our group as well as a tattoo and coffee beans were just obscure enough to work for us.  Even though I look at that tattoo and I seem to think about my ex, I still have great memories flood back to me about those times.  I feel that I get to honor that time in my life and I can remember what I learned as well.  I reflect back on that time and I remember that I was happy there, but I’m happy somewhere else and I appreciate both.

            My other tattoos that mean so much to me are my lotus flowers on the tops of my feet.  I got those tattoos as a way to remind myself that I am strong and that I could handle the physical pain of giving birth naturally.  I knew that I wanted to have a natural birth, but I questioned my physical ability to do it.  I knew that the tops of the feet was one of the most painful places I could get tattoo’d, so naturally I went for that option!  It was so painful, but I love those tattoos so much!  They represent my style, my strength, my purpose in life.

            I love tattoos and respect them so much, regardless of the reason behind them.  I appreciate them and love them even if it’s a drunken night and a dare.  I love and respect them if they were thought out and planned and was done by a famous artist.  Tattoos mean a lot to me, because they mean a lot to the people that have them.  I am so grateful that they are becoming more commonplace because it shows that we are becoming more open minded and we understand each others differences better.

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