Journal Entry #13- Walk Like Thunder

Katie Willden


Journal Entry #13


Walk Like Thunder


            My last journal entry was on tattoos in general.  I have one tattoo, my most recent tattoo, that says “Walk Like Thunder”.  I got this tattoo within the first couple of weeks in the semester.  I had been feeling such a huge struggle after starting school and had been feeling completely out of place with what I was doing.  I have been feeling a sense of fear with becoming a teacher and actually fulfilling my dreams of healing.  I knew I wanted to do this, but I was just so scared. 

            I have a good friend that I worked with last year and she was in the teacher training program.  She and I bonded over yoga and the more she talked about her education, the more I wanted to go into the training myself.  I loved the idea of being able to educate myself in a way that I knew would be instantly beneficial to my life.  But, as I tend to do to myself, I questioned my abilities and I thought I didn’t fit the mold of what a yoga teacher should look like or be.  But, Megan persisted and she kept telling me how awesome the program was, and how great I’d be at teaching, and how much I would gain from it even if I never ended up teaching.  She sent me this quote:  “Most of our obstacles would melt away if, instead of cowering before them, we should make up our minds to walk boldly through them.”  That quote hit me so hard because I realized that I was allowing my fear to hold me back.

            The following weekend I was out on a run and I was thinking about the quote and was thinking about how scared I was to be getting into this program.  I realized how much I was letting the fear affect me and how I wanted to reverse this trend.  Tattoos are such a huge part of my story and a huge reminder for me, so it only seemed fitting to find a way to make the thought of boldly walking through my fears into a tattoo that would help me remember to keep working through these fears.  As I was running, a vision hit me so hard.  I was listening to my hip hop, hardcore running music, but suddenly, a completely different song came to my mind:  Walk Like Thunder by Kimya Dawson.

 The song is long and slow and story filed and it’s completely beautiful and true with what I was feeling.  That was it!  Walk Like Thunder would be my tattoo.  And so it was, tattoo’d on my inner forearm, with a lotus to remind me that from the muck and the mud comes beauty.

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