Journal Entry #9-Being Centered

Katie Willden


Journal Entry #9


Being Centered


            The most centered I’ve ever felt has been at the verge of giving birth.  There is a certain amount of awareness that comes to your body and mind right before the baby comes.  It’s a beautiful synchronicity of a mind body connection that I haven’t truly been able to experience except for when I give birth.

            To actively be able to practice getting to that place or as closely as possible, asana is the best place to start.  I think that is why I love yoga so much.  I love being able to put myself in positions that are difficult and require great concentration, and focus on my mind and its ability to overcome the pain.  Having an hour of a warming practice and then ending in some really deep restorative poses with a long mediation and savasana is the closest way I’ve been able to get as centered as when I am about to give birth.  

            I would love to be able to bring myself to this centered place outside of giving birth.  It has taken a lot of practice in meditation to try to recreate the thought patterns that brought me to that centered place.  But, with this practice I’ve been able to get better and better at sitting for longer periods of time in mediation and I’ve been able to find a centered place in my mind more easily because of this practice.

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