My name is Kathryn Willden, but you can call me Katie.  I created this website to act as my ePortfolio as a requirement for school with Salt Lake Community College, where I’m currently a student in the Yoga Teacher Training Program.  I hope to expand this blog as a way to chronicle my continued recovery from depression and PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome).  I believe that yoga and holistic living are the way to curing these ailments, but I’m still finding the perfect recipe for that cure.

I am married to my best friend, Mike, and together we have 5 children.  Olivia, Mike’s daughter from his first marriage, is 11 going on 16.  She’s gorgeous and talented in many ways, but her dancing and maturity make her stand out the most.  Tregan, my first bio child, is also 11 and the king of geeks in our mind.  He loves all things nerdy and is so sensitive and perceptive.  Dharma-Ann is 7 is super girly, super sweet, and loves pop music and to sing.  Theo is 4, loves super hero’s and all things boy.  He is hilarious and is always making us laugh, especially with his chubby cheeks and munchkin voice.  Jonah is 2 and is my first and only with Mike and is Mike’s second bio child.  He’s a virgo through and through and wants it the way he wants it when he wants it.  He’s so cute and fun and is the thread that joins our family together.DSC_1048 - Version 3

As a family, we’re crazy and loud, we love movies, music and dancing.  We laugh and we cry, but mostly we just love.  They are the reason that I’m fighting these fights and the reason that I’m trying to find a better way to live.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that in some way you can take something from it, even if it’s chuckle or a insight you haven’t thought of before.  Much love and light.  Namaste.

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